Want To Deal With That Headache Here Are Some Foods That Will Fight It

Sometimes with the lives we lead, a headache seems almost inevitable. And when the pressure in your temples starts to transform into a full blown headache, then you really start wondering how to deal with it. We are sure you start taking an inventory of all the things you did just to avoid getting a headache like eating right and drinking lots of water.

However, simply thinking about how the headache occurred is not going to help you deal with the irritating ache you will have to do more. The first thing that you need to do is down a whole glass of water just to ensure that it is not lack of water that caused your headache. Then you can try the ten foods listed here to deal with the ache:

Cherries: Research shows that cherries has a compound named quercetin which is supposed to have anti allergy, antioxidant and anti inflammatory qualities. These qualities help in keeping pain away and making you less sensitive to it. So the next time you have a headache go for some tart cherries or drink up some cherry juice.

Coffee: Who would have thought that the very beverage everyone urging you to give up, is the very drink that can help with your headache? Coffee helps in constricting blood vessels and helps alleviate the ache in your head. But do drink lots of water as coffee tends to dehydrate you too.

Salmon: When you have lean proteins like salmon can keep hunger pangs away and this can keep hunger related headaches away by keeping the blood sugar stable. Plus the omega 3 fatty acids in salmon are also good keeping the occurrence of headaches from being too frequent. You can use both baked and smoked salmon

Whole grains: These tend to have vitamin b and magnesium that helps keep the headache away. You need to eat whole grains like oatmeal and millets to help you keep headaches away.

Spinach: Popeye had it right; spinach is awesome and is one of the best leafy vegetables that you can feed yourself. It helps in keeping skin glowing, make your hair shinier and also helps in fighting headaches. The vitamin b2 in spinach tends to calm the brain and in general keep pains away.

Spicy salsa: Foods that contain hot peppers like salsa will help in case you have a sinus headache. The spices will clean out the sinuses which means your airways are clear and this will result in reducing pressure and thereby keeping the headache away. So chow down on that Salsa as it is tasty as well as good for you.

Corn: Corn and foods that contain vitamin b3 help in keeping nerves calmer and also helps functioning of blood vessels. What this means that by having corn you will keep headaches caused by stress away. In case you are not eating enough corn then eat things like beans, tomatoes and potatoes.

Bananas: Yes managing headaches comes down to vitamin b and this time it is vitamin b6 which is present in bananas. This helps in keeping levels of serotonin up in the brain which keeps depression away, which means that any pain you feel is lowered and it also helps keep mental fatigue away.

Watermelons: We said earlier on that not having enough water in your body could be one of the main reasons that you tend to get headaches. So do start chowing down on watermelon slices before your reach out for that headache medication. You can have watermelons in many forms like smoothies or salads etc.

Flaxseeds: Flaxseeds are rich in omega 3 fatty acids which helps keep migraines away due to the anti inflammatory properties. So add flaxseeds to your diet in various forms like in your morning cereal or any treats that you bake.

While you buy these things that will help you deal with headaches, also remember to keep away from foods that cause them like cheese, meats that are processed etc.