Mr Coffee 4 Cup Programmable Coffee Maker Review


There are only 2 of us in our family (not including the cat). I do love my morning coffee but I just don't need six or eight cups of it. I've owned a Capresso coffee maker, an iCoffee coffee maker and back in the day a few of the Krups machines made in Europe. I also have a couple Chemex brewers and a Bodum French Press. I've tried a lot of coffee makers. At this point all I needed something small that would make a decent (I like it strong) cup of coffee. I am so glad I found this Mr. Coffee product.

Why No Single Serve Brewer?

My husband and I have coffee together in the morning.  He usually has 1.5 cups but I typically have two.  I just don't want to mess around brewing 4 individual cups.  Also, and this my opinion, I've tried the brew from several well-known single cup brewers and most just don't taste very good and frequently the coffee is too cold.  Additionally most of the K-cups are still not recyclable which is an ecological nightmare.   I am happy to see that many of the major brands allow you to use a reusable cup.  I tried one of those too and by the time I mess around filling that little cup over and over I've spent way too much time to get a cup of coffee. 

So all that said I went on a quest to find a good quality small coffee maker.  I was vacationing a couple years ago and the condo had a big Mr. Coffee coffee maker.  I was used to those higher end brewers so I scoffed at the thought of a Mr. Coffee.  When I made coffee the first morning I changed my tune.  I was amazed at how good the coffee was from this inexpensive machine.  With that in mind I started searching around for a good small coffee maker and I didn't automatically discount the automatically the thought of a Mr. Coffee.

The Quest For A Small Coffee Maker

I went to a few big box and stores hoping to find the old Krups or Braun machines I enjoyed in the past.  I found a Krups but nothing about it was remarkable.  Given my recent experience with the condo Mr. Coffee I decided to go online and look around.  Of course I checked out Amazon.  There were two 4 cup Mr. Coffee machines.  One was a simple, switch coffee maker and the other was a programmable model.  I like the idea of setting up the coffee the night before and have it come on about the time I get up.  It had a nice little clock display, and all in all seemed like it was worth trying.  The most amazing thing is that the coffee maker was $24.95, crazy cheap.  I couldn't resist, I ordered up.

Features Of The Mr. Coffee 4 Cup Programmable Coffee Maker

As I write this Mr. Coffee review I have to say the current price of this little gem has gone down to $19.95.   I have no idea how you produce a decent product and sell it retail for that price.  No matter $24.95 or $19.95 here is what you get:

4 Cup Coffee Maker

The coffee machine comes with a clear glass carafe which hold 4 cups (20 ounces) of coffee. Out of the box you need to use paper filters because the coffee maker does not come with a washable gold filter.  If you don't like paper filters (I don't) you can order either a Mr. Coffee filter or non name brand filter.

Brewing Basket

The brewing basket holds either a paper or gold filter.  The basket is removable and you can wash it in the dishwasher.

Pause 'n Serve

This features allows you to pour coffee from the carafe while the coffee is brewing (not a good practice for best flavor).  The brewing will pause for up to 30 seconds. The brewing will resume as soon as you place the carafe back on the hot plate.

Nonstick Warming Plate

The nonstick surface keeps the pot from sticking while the maker stays on keeping your coffee warm.

On/Off Light

The on/off light lets you easily see if the coffee pot is on or off.  The pot will shut off automatically after 1 hour.

Cord Storage

I love cord storage on a coffee maker.  I don't like unsightly cords stretched across my counter top.  The last high end machine I bought didn't even have this.

Programmable Features



The the unit has a basic digital clock.  I like to unplug my coffee maker so I don't even try to keep the clock updated unless I'm going to program the coffee on time.  If you leave your pot plugged in then you may benefit from the kitchen clock on the front panel.

Delay Brew

You can use the delay brew feature to set your coffee pot a specific time when you want it to start the brew cycle.  To use the feature you should have the clock set to the current time.  Then, press the "set delay" button, then press the hour button to progress to the time you want the coffee to come on (up to 24 hrs ahead).  Press the minute button to complete the start time.  Then, press the "delay brew" button to activate the program.

The Only Flaw In This Coffee Maker

I have encountered one flaw with the coffee maker and that is with the non-stick warming plate.  I'm not sure if the non-stick wears off or what.  The surface discolor over time.  This has happened to all of the pots I've purchased.  It does not see to affect the function at all.  The pot still does not stick to the warmer.